Thursday, 3 July 2014


I couldn't stop laughing when I came across some of these old photos.  I thought I'd have to share them for #ThowbackThursday

I'm the one in the lemon and white striped sun dress (the ginger with the crooked fringe - my mum used to cut it)
I'm the ginger at the punch bowl in the green dress
When Megan was 11 months old - our camping road trip through Namibia
7 year old me at my Aunty's wedding
5 year old ginger me, my big sister and my ginger mum

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Welcome July!

I actually can't believe that we've slithered into July without a wink. 

I'm pretty convinced that the older you get, the quicker time slides by. 

Scientists have theories, of course, and one of them is that when you experience something for the very first time, more details, more information gets stored in your memory. Think about your first kiss.  

Neuroscientists say that since the touch of the lips, the excitement, the taste, the smell, everything about this moment is novel, you aren't embroidering a bank of previous experiences, you are starting fresh. Have you noticed, he says, that when you recall your first kisses, early birthdays, your earliest summer vacations, they seem to be in slow motion? 

I know when I look back on a childhood summer, it seems to have lasted yonks.  That's because when it's the "first", there are so many things to remember. The list of encoded memories are so dense, reading them back gives you a feeling that they must have taken forever. 

But that's an sneaky illusion. 

The more memory you have of something, you think, 'Shite, that really took a long time!'

Well, we are more than half way through 2014 already and its seems to have whizzed by in a fleeting flash.

I don't want to wish my life away, but I can't wait until the summer returns.  The sunshine and warm weather is calling me.

In the meantime enjoy the rest of the winter - I know I won't.  

I'm a grumpy bitch until at least mid September, when I eventually thaw out and my nipples don't poke holes in my t-shirts.

Don't forget to go enter my Caption Competition.  Two tickets for DSTV Kids Extravaganza up for grabs!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Happy 200!

Xmas Dolly

This week is Xmas Dolly's 200th week of Monday Music Moves Me.  It's a Grand Celebration and this week's theme is songs that describes you, as well as a few foot-tapping celebration songs.

Go link up and share you music.  If you don't want to link up, pop on over to the lovely Xmas Dolly, say hello to my friend and congratulate her on her long-standing 200th week of an awesome bloghop linky.  She is a super special lady with a heart of gold.

Lets get to it.

A Fantastic Celebration song



Here's a song that describes me - Offend in Every Way - and of course its by The White Stripes. Always gotta slip Jack White in there somewhere


Here's another song that describes me very well....rambling as I usually do. My lips don't stop flapping

- just ask my poor hubby

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Foo Fighters Tickets Bought!

Foo Fighters are coming to South African in December.

Today tickets went on sale at 9am and there was loads of excitement, frustration and butterflies in tummies to get tickets online.

I managed to get tickets by 9:17 and I can't wait until December.

Now I just need some Fooz merchandise.  Any ideas?

I'm coming, Dave....


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